My name is Rob. In June of 2014 I was riding home on my motorcycle when a car crossed over into my lane, I was not able to get out of the way and was hit head on. Miraculously I was not killed but I did sustain some serious injuries. My right wrist was broken, I had a compression fracture on L3 vertebrae and my left leg was severely injured. My femur had compound fractures and my foot was severed on impact but somehow my knee was fine. So that day I became a left below the knee amputee.
I'm 59 years old and was a very physically active person living in a very rural area of Northern California. I've just recently received my first prosthetic leg. I am slowly adjusting to limb loss. I can't put all my weight on my leg just yet because of the trauma above my knee but I am confident that I will recover from this in time. I chose Sierra Orthopedic for my prosthesis and I've been working closely with my prosthetist Jordan North who has spent a lot of time patiently helping me navigate through the rehabilitation process with my prosthesis  Also, I want to put a good word in for David Jeffries who was my initial contact when he came to see me in the hospital. David assured me that he and his team at Sierra could support my rehabilitation with the top quality products and attention to detail.             
Right now I can only go as fast as my body will allow but I'm hoping to get back to all the same activities as before the accident. I'm blessed to have such a supportive wife and family and friends, they have really helped a lot. Honestly I don't always have a very good attitude about this. I think it's going to take some time for me to fully accept this but I know if I choose LIFE then LIFE will help me get through this. Thanks for letting me share my story!