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Welcome to Sierra Orthopedic Laboratory, Inc.

Sierra Orthopedic Laboratory is committed to providing high quality prosthetic and orthotic devices and services, in a professional and timely manner to enhance patients’ lives and quality of life.

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We carry state-of-the-art devices

The Standard Arizona AFO

The Standard Arizona AFO stabilizes the ankle, talocalcaneal, midtarsal and subtalar joints. The Standard is our original design and still remains ou [...]

C-Leg Knee from Otto Bock

How the C-Leg® Works The C-Leg® Microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee started a revolution for above-knee amputees. The Standard of Care for [...]

Flex-Foot Cheetah®

It has broken all manner of records and, like its namesake, the Cheetah runs like the wind. Just watch athletes like Marlon Shirley, Oscar Pistorius o [...]

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