O & P Abbreviated Codes

The following are provided for general informational purposes only. Abbreviations may differ from that presented below. If you have any questions about the abbreviations below or our Educational Courses, please use our Contact Form to contact us.

Orthotic Product Abbreviations:

A/S = Arch Supports (same as FO)
AFO = Ankle Foot Orthotic
AO = Ankle Orthosis
Arizona AFOTM = A Leather Gauntlet Style of AFO
Boston OrthosisTM = Type of TLSO
CASH = Cruciform Anterior Spinal Hyperextension Orthosis
Chair Back = Type of LSO
CO = Cervical Orthosis (i.e. soft cervical, Miami-J, Philly collars)
CROW = Charcot Restraining Orthotic Walker
CTLSO = Cervical-Thoracic-Lumbro-Sacral Orthotic (i.e. Milwaukee Brace, Boston)
CTO = Cervical-Thoracic Orthotic
DAFO = Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthotic
EO = Elbow Orthosis
EWHO = Elbow Wrist Hand Orthosis
FO = Foot Orthotic or Finger Orthosis
HFO = Hand Finger Orthosis
HKAFO = Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthotic
HO = Hip Orthosis or Hand Orthosis
Jewett Hyperextension Brace = A TLSO Devised by Dr. E. L. Jewett, Florida
KAFO = Knee Ankle Foot Orthotic
KO = Knee Orthotic
Lerman Minerva Orthosis = Type of CTO
LS Corset = Lumbro-Sacral Corset (a soft back brace)
LSO = Lumbro-Sacral Orthotic
Milwaukee Brace = Type of CTLSO
Oregon Orthotic System (OOS) = Lower Extremity Orthotic System
PLS = Posterior Leaf Splint/Spring (a low level AFO for foot drop)
PRAFO = Pressure Relief Ankle Foot Orthosis
PTB = Patella Tendon Bearing Orthosis (used to unweight the ankle/foot)
RGO = Reciprocating Gait Orthosis = a bilateral HKAFO orthosis
Scottish Rite Orthosis™ = TLSO Named for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
SEO = Shoulder Elbow Orthosis
SMO = Supramalleolar Orthosis
SO = Sacral Orthosis
SOMI = Sternal-Occipital-Mandibular Immobilizer
SWASH = Standing Walking and Sitting Hip Orthosis
TLSO = Thoracic-Lumbro-Sacral Orthotic
UCB or UCBL = University California Berkley Laboratories (a high level A/S)
WHFO = Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis
WHO = Wrist Hand Orthosis
WO = Wrist Orthosis

Orthotic & Prosthetic Terms:

AE (AEA) = Above Elbow Amputation (trans-humeral)
AK (AKA) = Above Knee Amputation (trans-femoral)
BE (BEA) = Below Elbow Amputation (trans-radial)
(BIL) or (B) = Bilateral, meaning two sides (right and left)
BK (BKA) = Below Knee Amputation (trans-tibial)
Congenital = From Birth
CP = Cerebral Palsy
CVA = Cerebrovascular Accident (stroke)
Dx = Diagnosis
FX = Fracture
HD = Hip Disarticulation
hemi = One-Half
Hx = History
IPOP = Immediate Postoperative Prosthesis
KD = Knee Disarticulation
Lumbago = Back Pain
MVA = Motor Vehicle Accident
OA = Osteoarthritis
OTS = Off the Shelf (premade, not custom)
Pes Cavus = Exaggerated High Arches
Pes Planus = Flat Foot
PVD = Peripheral Vascular Disease
RA = Rheumatoid Arthritis
ROM = Range of Motion
Rx = Written Prescription
SD = Shoulder Disarticulation
Symes = Ankle Disarticulation
TBI = Traumatic Brain Injury
Unilateral = Meaning One Side Only

Prosthetic Product Abbreviations:

C-Leg = Microprocessor-controlled hydraulic knee from Otto Bock
Dynamic Response Foot = Flex Foot, Renegade, Axion DP
Harmony System = Elevated Vacuum Suspension Socket
MAS = Above Knee Socket Design by Marlo Ortiz used at MeritCare HealthCare Accessories.
Multi Axial Foot = Collage Park, Gressinger Foot, or C-Walk
Myoelectric Arm = An upper extremity prosthesis powered by a battery and controlled by electrodes.
Proprio Foot = Microprocessor Controlled Foot from Ossur
PTB = Patella Tendon Bearing Prosthesis
Rheo Knee = Microprocessor Controlled Knee from Ossur
S.A.C.H. Foot = Solid Ankle Cushion Heel
TSB = Total Surface Bearing Design